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#1: Pottery Studio Rental


$15/hr includes use of a wheel if wanted, a table for sculpting, one level of  a 3' x 2' shelf for storage, outdoor wheel access, a hose and sink for cleaning. Participants bring their own midrange clay and glazes. If you'd like a discount on more hours, you can purchase a 20 hour pass per month for $200 and get one free firing- a savings of $150!  A shared google calendar will be our tool to space out our working times in the winter- but in the warmer months, multiple artists can use the outdoor pavilion at once safely. All participants will learn and agree to studio procedures around Covid temperature checks, cleaning communal areas and mask wearing while inside the studio. It's a fun way to get back into pottery, get inspired to create with community around you! 

Please let me know if you're interested in the next week so you can be part of the planning and learning process! 

#2: Kiln Rental



We fire to bisque temp- Cone 05 

*glaze temp- Cone 6 (so the clay you use needs to be "midrange"- you can ask for that kind of clay at Highwater Clays on Riverside Drive

*$20/one kiln shelf (24" round) for bisque or glaze firing

* $50/whole kiln- which is about three levels depending on how tall your work is

*Individual pieces- $5/piece. 

*Bisque firings happen around the 15th of each month and glaze firings happen towards the end of each month at this point.

*Just let me know if you would like to rent the kiln at any point- this is an ongoing service.


#3: Virtual "Take and Make" Pottery Classes for Families, Pods, and Classrooms- available now!   





Cost: $250/child, $200/child for groups/pods/families of four participants and over. Available now for August and September!  

Step 1: Respond to this e-mail, recieve info on payment, pay over Paypal, check or cash.

Step 2: I leave your kit of tools, clay per day/child and all other materials needed on my porch in West Asheville and you can come get them at your convenience. (Trampoline jumping and swings are encouraged and welcome while you're here!) I also e-mail you four Youtube videos that show the projects step-by-step. You are also welcome to make whatever you'd like with the clay- searching out your own videos or drawing on your own knowledge! Please let me know if that's your plan and I can set you up for success in your clay world dreams. 

Step 3: You complete these projects (a comprehensive hand-building curriculum, including a slab project, coil, pinch, free choice and sculpture project) on your own time. You keep the projects wet in the bags provided and bring them back to my porch when you're done along with any tools provided.

Step 4: I dry them carefully in my studio and bisque fire them when ready. I send you a text to set up a distanced, outdoor glazing hour. You come with your kiddos, they glaze using my glaze library of over 50 colors, and then I fire the work. 

Step 5: You come and pick up your child's work, all ready for display! 

This is an ongoing offering, so just reply to this e-mail with interest and to sign up! I will pass along payment information and arrange pickup individually. 


#4: Elementary Pottery Class  



Cost: $250/child for a four week class- Mondays in September (Sept.7, 14, 21 and 28th from 2-4pm)  

This class will be held in my outdoor arts pavilion- spaced, outdoors with masks, for up to eight students- open to individuals and pods. We will be getting ideas from individual students for projects- focusing on one project each week. This will be a handbuilding class but students will get one turn on a pottery wheel with adult supervision as part of the class. An additional glazing day will be offered after the bisque firing and is outdoor, distanced, with masks and by appointment. If you are interested in a "stay late and play outside" option around this class, making the hours 2-6, please let me know- I am gathering interested families and will consider if the need is there. I could charge an extra $15/child per class for that option. We have aforementioned trampoline, swings, gardens, flat yard for soccer, sprinklers and more.

To sign up, simply reply to this e-mail in the next week! I will be in touch with payment information I will register your child/children/pod after payment is received. I am also considering adding another class form 4-6, so please let me know if that would work for your family better.   



#5:   Middle/ Highschool Pottery Class Beginning in September.



Cost: $250/child for a four week class- Wednesdays (Sept 2, 9, 16, and 23rd from 2-4 pm)

This class is open to up to eight older children- your family or pods- and we will focus on wheel work. Three wheels will be in the outdoor pavilion and one in the studio but all participants will wear masks. We will cover the basics of throwing on the wheel (wedging, reclaiming clay, centering, coning up and down, opening a cylinder, pulling up the sides of a cylinder, and more!) Each student should come out with at least two pieces per class and maybe more. There will be an additional glazing day in early October that your family will sign up for individually.  

To sign up, simply reply to this e-mail in the next week! I will be in touch with payment information.  I will register your child or children after payment is received.


#6: Adult Garden Sculpture Class (Day/Time TBA)





Cost: $250/4 week class per participant

Class begins the first week of September! 

Let's get our fave drinks out and come create in a safe, distanced way in my outdoor art pavilion and blow off some steam! Fairy houses? Beautiful portrait head planters? Slab succulent planters? Tile work? You tell me what you want, what you need! I'm here for you and can't wait for this "choose your own project" class. Each participant will choose one project a week and we'll all try it.  Bringing Pinterest to life, baby!  We will be using beautiful, red Riverside Grit clay that is an outdoor sculpture clay body.

Just reply to this e-mail to voice interest in the next week and we'll see what days/times work for everyone. 



Okay, sounds fun, right?

Let me know if you have any questions and keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for pop-up workshops integrating Ayurvedic Health Practices, connection, expression and the arts! I am more busy these days as I am in Ayurveda school, but I am available for pop-up pottery classes for book clubs, pods, birthday parties, etc. Thanks for your support! 

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