Rentals and

"Take and Make" Kits and Virtual Classes


#1: Pottery Studio Space Rental


$250/month includes use of one of two communal wheels, a table for sculpting, shelf for storage, outdoor wheel access, free firings and an outdoor sink for cleaning. (Participants bring their own midrange clay and glazes.) Punch cards are also available for $20/hr. A shared google calendar will be our tool to space out our working times in the winter- but in the warmer months, multiple artists can use the outdoor pavilion at once safely. All participants will learn and agree to studio procedures around Covid temperature checks, cleaning communal areas and mask wearing while inside the studio. It's a fun way to get back into pottery, get inspired to create with community around you!

$300/month includes use of Ona's glaze library


#2: Kiln Rental


Details: I have an Olympic electric kiln that is 26" tall and 28" wide. There are steps leading up to it and I do most of the firing for folks who want to rent. We fire to bisque temp Cone 05 and glaze firings are Cone 5-6. I have lots of cookies, stilts, needle stilts, all the things needed to fire a successful mid-range firing. Turnaround times vary with work being made in the studio, so please contact me today to inquire about renting the kiln. I'd be glad to have you.


*$35/ partial kiln rental (half kiln full-for bisque or glaze firing)

* $50/whole kiln rental- which is about three levels depending on how tall your work is

*Individual pieces- $5/piece under 4" tall and $10 for over 4" tall. 

*Contact us for ongoing kiln rentals throughout the month.


#3. Wheel Rental

$100/ week= wheel alone, picked up from my studio in West Asheville.

$250/week= wheel (picked up in West Asheville), tools, floor cover, apron, firing of unlimited items- bisque and glaze (using your own glazes) included!


#4: Virtual "Take and Make" Pottery Classes for Families, Pods, and Classrooms- available now!



Cost: $250/child, $200/child for groups/pods/families of four participants and over.  

Step 1: Contact Ona through our "Contact" button below. Payment will be exchanged and I can drop off your kit if you live in or around Asheville. 

Step 2: I also e-mail you four Youtube videos that show the projects step-by-step. You are also welcome to make whatever you'd like with the clay- searching out your own videos or drawing on your own knowledge! Please let me know if that's your plan and I can set you up for success in your clay world dreams. 

Step 3: You complete these projects (a comprehensive hand-building curriculum, including a slab project, coil, pinch, free choice and sculpture project) on your own time. You keep the projects wet in the bags provided and bring them back to my porch when you're done along with any tools provided.

Step 4: I dry them carefully in my studio and bisque fire them when ready. I send you a text to set up a distanced, outdoor glazing hour. You come and have access to my glaze library of over 50 colors, and then I fire the work in a glaze firing. 

Step 5: You come and pick up your work! 


#4: Elementary Pottery Class (Currently "Take and Make" for Covid- see above)  


#5:   Middle/ Highschool Pottery Class (Currently "Take and Make" for Covid- see above)  


#6: Adult Garden Sculpture Class (Currently "Take and Make" for Covid- see above)